Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe

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One of the most successful and popular online casino slot games is the excellent Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe. This game allows players from all over the world to enjoy this wonderfully well themed slot game which transports players to a mystical and magical land. The various online casino slot games all offer players a different and unique theme and Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe is no different. The theme offered in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game is a fantasy adventure that aims to take players to a completely invented imaginary world. A certain type of player will enjoy fantasy games and this game certainly appeals to those particular players as its theme is very creative and magical. Fantasy adventures are very popular with certain people and people who enjoy fantasy films will love this slot game. The fantasy films that relate slightly to this game include Willow, Stardust and Labyrinth, the type of people that enjoy these films will love Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe. The theme of this slot game is very creative and the graphics and sound effects have to be excellent to present this theme. The slots game play is ultimately the most important factor for players and this game has excellent bonus features to keep players entertained.

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The theme of the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game is one of magic and mystery and the player is placed in the shoes of a travelling lady who is wondering a mystical land. This mystical land has purple skies and yellow fields and is full of weird and wonderful creatures. The player on this journey has the task of finding the lucky charm that has the power to unlock riches and wealth. This journey across the yellow fields can lead to a player finding other lucky objects. The lucky objects that a player can find on this magical quest through the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game are the lucky horseshoe, a magic ball, four lead clover, lucky penny and the ladybird. These objects are all famous for being lucky and this is the key element in this magical world as lucky objects are the key to being successful. The player when playing through the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game will find that they will really feel part of this magical world due the intoxicating environment created. The overall goal for the travelling lady in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game is to find the lucky charm that unlocks wealth and victory.

This outrageously creative theme is presented to the players through the two physical effects, the graphics and the sound. The graphics in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game are excellent and really manage to successfully convey the games theme to users. The background of the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe slot is a mixture of pink, purple and black that is fused together to create a very charming and magical looking display. This fusion is done brilliantly as it is done in a finish that looks like a smoky and misty explosion. The reels in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game stand out very clearly from the games background and the symbols look fantastic. The symbols used in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game are all presented in a very clear and crisp style with a very cool 3D finish. The different symbols that can be found are the traditional 9, 10, J, Q, K and A that are all presented in a very stylish font. The special themed 3D symbols are the ladybird, magic ball, lucky charm, pretty lady, the horseshoe, four leaf clover and the lucky penny. These symbols all look fantastic as they perform individual 3D sequences when they arrive on the reels.

The title text in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game is written in a green italic font and is centralised at the top of the screen. The green font is very clever as it is symbolic of the colour that is known to be very lucky. The sound effects in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game are nothing short of sensational as they manage through the electronic tones to create a great feeling of mystery and magic. The different winning line combinations in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game all have their own individual sound effects and users will really appreciate this attention to detail. The various bonus features that are available in the game all have their own sound effects that really add to the excitement levels generated by the slot game. The overall results that the graphic and sound effects have in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game are fantastic as they manage to triumphantly deliver to players the games complex theme. The next key element for the player’s enjoyment of the game after the theme, graphics and sound effects is the game play that is offered to its players.

The game play of the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game is of the highest possible standard and this down to the slots format and bonus features. The slot is offered to players on a five reel and ten win lines set up giving players plenty of choice over how many win lines they would like to play. The bonus features available in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game include the scatter bonus feature that is represented by the magic ball symbol. To activate this bonus the player must spin in three magic balls on the screen and this triggers fifteen free spins and all winnings made during these spins are trebled. The substitute bonus is also available in the Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game and this is represented by the pretty lady symbol. This symbol has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to help create a winning line. The Lucky Ladys Charm Deluxe game also has a gamble bonus feature where the player is given the chance to double or lose their money on one chance bet. The overall game play offered to players is excellent and if the game is played correctly it can be very lucrative.